CIROS Studio is the software for 3D factory simulation. With CIROS Studio, users model layouts and processes, simulate robotic work cells and automated manufacturing plants, and visualize complex sequences. CIROS Studio brings together the domains planning, design, electrical wiring, controller development, commissioning, sales, and marketing.
For more than twenty years now, we have been developing the software, distributing our solutions successfully in industry, and offering maintenance, support, training, and services. If you want to learn more about CIROS Studio addressing your individual use case, we will be glad to fix a date for a web-based presentation. In the following, you will find an overview of CIROS Studio.

CIROS Studio: Application Areas

Among others, CIROS Studio is used for the following applications:

CIROS Studio: Industrial Sectors

CIROS Studio users mainly come from the following industrial sectors:

CIROS Studio: Highlights

These are the top features of CIROS Studio:

CIROS Studio: Software Packages

CIROS Studio is the modular software for 3D factory simulation. By assembling relevant packages, you will obtain the optimal software for exactly your use case. Additional packages can be added fast and easily at a later date. The following packages are available:

Basic Package

The basic package allows for the modeling and simulation of geometries, mechanics, and electrics.

Geometrical Model

Mechanical Model

Electrical Model

    • Connection by drag & drop
    • Easy connection of sequences of multiple I/Os
    • Free selection of the I/Os to display
    • Display of current values during simulation
    • Temporary overwriting of values for test purposes
    • Breakpoints

Modeling Functions



Interaction and Media


Model Import Package

    • Find problems
    • Close gaps in surface
    • Replace selection by enveloping body
    • Select identical elements
    • Close drill holes
    • Delete inside of primitive body
    • Delete contained geometries
    • Reduce polygons
    • Simplify rounded edges
    • Merge vertices
    • Clean up geometry
    • Copy structure into elements
    • Optimize for rendering
    • Fit coordinate systems to hulls
    • Change cylinder approximation
    • Merge hulls with matching material or color
    • Create render clones for similar objects
    • Edit facets
    • Simplify object hierarchy

Model Import in Proprietary Formats

Model Export Package

Mechanisms Package

Extended Mechanisms Simulation

Sensor Simulation

Transport Simulation

More Features

Robotics Package

General Features

    • Syntax highlighting within the source code
    • Error inspection by compiling source code for a virtual controller
    • Incorrect lines can be jumped at directly

Coordinate Transformation


    • By using the teach-in in an arbitrary coordinate system
    • By clicking into the 3D view
    • By clicking a stored position or a path node
    • Relatively to existing elements
    • By entering coordinates directly


Collision Detection

    • Visualization of colliding components
    • Logging of colliding components with time stamp for later analysis of unattended simulation runs
    • Simulation stopping for detailed analysis

Robot Package ABB with RAPID

Robot Package KUKA with KRL

Robot Package Mitsubishi with MELFA-BASIC

Robot Package Adept with V+

Robot Package Stäubli / CS8 Emulator

Robot Package FANUC

Robot Package Miscellaneous Robots

Controller Package

    • OPC DA (Data Access)
    • OPC UA (Unified Architecture)
    • High-performance OPC clients, suitable for most control scenarios
    • Convenient configuration with items provided by OPC servers
    • Automatic model-internal configuration: I/Os of the components of the virtual field level are connected to newly created I/Os of the controller according to their names
    • OPC DA (Data Access)
    • OPC UA (Unified Architecture)
      • Coupling robot controllers e.g., FANUC ROBOGUIDE
    • Coupling of external operating units or external PPS/MES/PDA software
    • For the coupling of real controller hardware via real field bus hardware
    • Direct access to EtherCAT
    • Access to other field bus systems via bus terminals provided by Beckhoff e.g. for RS232, RS485, AS-Interface, PROFINET-RT, PROFINET-IRT, EtherNet/IP, IEEE-1588, Lightbus, PROFIBUS-DP, Interbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, DMX
    • Coupling of the software Siemens SIMATIC PLCSIM from version 5.4 SP3 for the simulation of programs for S7-300 and S7-400
    • For example, for Siemens S7-1500
    • For example, to access Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500
    • Communication between CIROS elements and MATLAB scripts
    • For example, to access Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500
    • Simple STEP 7 projects (*.s7p) can be loaded directly and are emulated to control models

Simulation Films and Video Recording

Virtual Human

Model Animation Package

The model animation package contains features for plausible visualizations while avoiding complex modeling for true simulation.

Animation Designer

Physical Effects

Process Simulation for Coating Processes

Model Manipulation

Planner (Plug-in)

Cycle Time Planning / Mechanical Design

Sequential Flow Charts

Model Control

Circuit Diagram Planning / Electrical Design

Cycle Time Analysis

More Features

VR Package

Viewer Package

CIROS Player

What CIROS Studio is not…

CIROS Studio can do a lot – but not everything:

CIROS Studio: System Requirements

The following lists the requirement of CIROS Studio concerning hardware and software.

Hardware Requirements

One free USB port or network access for server-based licenses
Minimum PC configuration

Minimum PC configuration

Recommended PC configuration

Supported Operating Systems

CIROS is being developed for the 64-bit version of Windows Microsoft 10. You should use a Windows version that still receives mainstream support from Microsoft.

CIROS Studio: Services

We would be glad to support your effective work with CIROS Studio:

CIROS Studio: Distributors and Prices

Are you are interested in using CIROS Studio? This is how to go on: