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Innovative 3D Simulation Software

VEROSIM Solutions focusses on innovative applications of modern 3D simulation software.

The dynamic 3D simulation of the wheel loader and the flexible plastic tubes is executed in real-time. The visualization is so close-to-reality that difficult loading maneuvers can be trained in
a virtual environment.

This 3D factory simulation integrates robots, transport systems, sensors, handling machines, and machine tools. Simulation shows the entire treatment process in real-time and allows for experiments.

Virtual Testbeds allow for the design, development, test, and verification of complex algorithms – here new localization and navigation
techniques – long before a robot
starts its way into space.

Innovative Solutions

3D Simulation,
for environment topics.

VEROSIM Solutions offers you solutions for the Environment sector. We focus on modern methods for forest inventory by combining remote sensing with novel on-site acquisition methods. The results are digital forests which are managed using highly efficient methods of information technology.

From this data basis, we create simulations of forest growth and timber harvests. These simulations consider both economic and ecologic aspects. Another highlight is the interactive, dynamic 3D simulation of work machines, for example harvesters in the forest for education and training purposes.

Innovative Solutions

3D Simulation,
for industry.

VEROSIM Solutions simulates your products and plants in their entirety and in context. Our 3D models go beyond the boundaries of the classic technical disciplines and bring them together: mechanics, electrics, and information technology are integrated in models for experimentation.

Agile 3D real-time simulations of technical systems are suitable for functioning studies, planning, development, marketing, training, and commissioning. The integration of real controllers for plants, machines, and vehicles allows for valid system tests.

Innovative Solutions

3D Simulation,
for space applications.

VEROSIM Solutions provides Virtual Testbeds for
space applications. Highly complex systems can be put into demanding virtual environments to test the dynamic behavior including the control algorithms. Our 3D simulations create scenarios ready for intuitive experiments.

The result is a common integration platform which allows for the integration of systems starting with first single parts up to the entire system. Such a system can then be validated in user-defined scenarios.

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