Business Area Environment

VEROSIM Solutions offers you solutions for environment simulation. We focus on modern methods for forest inventory by combining remote sensing with novel on-site acquisition methods. The results are digital forests which are managed using highly efficient methods of information technology.

From this data basis, we create simulations of forest growth and timber harvests. These simulations consider both economic and ecologic aspects. Another highlight is the interactive, dynamic 3D simulation of work machines, for example harvesters in the forest for education and training purposes.

Wheel Loader Handling Plastic Tubes

The dynamic 3D simulation of the wheel loader and the flexible plastic tubes is executed in real-time. The visualization is so close-to-reality that difficult loading maneuvers can be trained in a virtual environment.

Harvester for the Semi- Automated Timber Harvest

The harvester fells, disbranches, and saws tree trunks. The combination of 3D simulation with original control elements of the real harvester enables simulators which allow for efficient training without harm for man, machine, and environment.

Forwarder for the Transport of Tree Trunks

For the forwarder, simulation considers all details that interact with the virtual forest environment and thus influence the behavior of the work machine. More precisely, everything from the damping of the spring legs to the swinging of the arm is simulated.

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