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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

VEROSIM is the software framework for modern Building Information Modeling (BIM). VEROSIM processes your building data in standardized IFC format and offers a variety of functions in the fields of visualization, simulation, interaction, analysis and data management.

We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you to jointly analyze how VEROSIM can offer you added value for your area of application. An overview of our offer is available below.

Application Areas

For example, use VEROSIM in the following application areas:


These are the highlights of the 3D simulation framework VEROSIM:

Compilation of meaningful scenarios, for example:

High quality and fast model visualization, monoscopic or stereoscopic, e.g.:

Interactive analysis and exploration of scenarios, for example:

Realistic simulation of dynamic scenarios in their dynamic environment, for example:

Intuitive user interaction with the scenario during real-time simulation, for example:

Presentation Hardware

BIM-Modelle können in der Virtual Reality präsentiert werden:

Real-time 3D visualization on various output media:

Support of input devices for interaction and movement in the model:

System Requirements

The following is a list of VEROSIM requirements for hardware and software.

Hardware requirements

A free USB port or network access for server-based licenses

Recommended PC configuration:

Supported Operating Systems


For simulation models not too large, VEROSIM runs under Android on smartphones or tablets using the motion sensors available there.


We are happy to assist you in successfully working with VEROSIM: