VEROSIM is the software framework for modern Building Information Modeling (BIM). VEROSIM processes your building data in standardized IFC format and offers a variety of functions in the fields of visualization, simulation, interaction, analysis and data management.

We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you to jointly analyze how VEROSIM can offer you added value for your area of application. An overview of our offer is available below.

Application Areas

For example, use VEROSIM in the following application areas:

  • Visualization of building data
    from IFC files
  • Visualization of city models
    in a landscape
  • Simulation of
    moveable building parts
  • Interactive analysis
    of IFC models
  • Interactive virtual reality presentation
    of models and processes in real time
  • Creation of videos for
    presentation and training purposes


These are the highlights of the 3D simulation framework VEROSIM:

Compilation of meaningful scenarios, for example:

  • BIM models from IFC files with 3D geometry and metadata
  • Detailed models for objects inside and outside, possible formats: STEP, IGES, VRML
  • Point clouds of real buildings from laser scans
  • Photographs on objects in the model
  • Environment models, possible formats: GML, CityGML, ESRI shapefile, file geodatabase
  • Embedding in a landscape with trees, grass, lakes
  • People

High quality and fast model visualization, monoscopic or stereoscopic, e.g.:

  • Independent light sources with shadow calculation, light sources can be switched on and off individually
  • Visualization of times of day and weather, e.g. rain, fog, clouds, etc.
  • Animated and reflective water surfaces

Interactive analysis and exploration of scenarios, for example:

  • Textual or graphical display of meta-information about model objects, e.g. Object identification, dimensions, heights above datum, space capacities, routes, picking areas, temperature specifications, qualities of facades, etc.
  • Display of 2D infographics and videos in the model
  • Interactive evaluation of the model at different levels

Realistic simulation of dynamic scenarios in their dynamic environment, for example:

  • Simulation of the behavior of objects and systems with kinematic and dynamic simulation
  • Dynamic building components, e.g. Doors, elevators, dock levellers, sun protection
  • Dynamic building use, e.g. People, vehicles, forklifts, robots
  • Aspects of building system technology such as building bus systems (in planning)
  • Movement of people along given paths with given movement patterns
  • Animation of building processes by sequential display of the building parts

Intuitive user interaction with the scenario during real-time simulation, for example:

  • Actions: opening the door, operating the lift, switching on the light, etc.
  • Dynamic display of information when approaching an object
  • The user can move freely or on a predetermined path
  • Live adaptation of the model based on prepared scenarios

Presentation hardware

BIM-Modelle können in der Virtual Reality präsentiert werden:

Real-time 3D visualization on various output media:

  • PC monitors, 3D monitors, TV sets
  • Interconnection of multiple devices to a composite system possible, e.g. 3-sided or 7-sided systems
  • Tablets, e.g. Microsoft Surface
  • Virtual Reality Glasses: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
  • Augmented reality glasses (in preparation): e.g. Microsoft HoloLens
  • Use of the panoramic projection in Dortmund
  • Use of aixCAVE in Aachen


Support of input devices for interaction and movement in the model:

  • Gamepad
  • 3D mouse (also wireless)
  • Oculus Touch
  • HTC Vive Controller

System requirements

The following is a list of VEROSIM requirements for hardware and software.

Hardware requirements

  • A free USB port or network access for server-based licenses
  • Recommended PC configuration
    • Powerful processor, e.g. Intel Core i7
    • 8 GB of main memory
    • 4 GB of free SSD storage
    • Graphics card from NVIDIA or AMD / ATI with OpenGL 4.5 support and 4 GB of dedicated memory

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10


  • For simulation models not too large, VEROSIM runs under Android on smartphones or tablets using the motion sensors available there.


We are happy to assist you in successfully working with VEROSIM:

  • We deliver your individual VR system from a single source and put it into operation.
  • We create your complete simulation model according to your wishes.
  • We create laser scans of real objects and prepare them for you.
  • We train you in dealing with models, software and hardware.
  • We accompany your technically demanding VR projects, e.g. for and at trade fairs.
  • We create videos and 360 ° videos for your appearance on the Internet.
  • We provide you with presentations for your customers in our VR laboratory at the RIF.
  • We advise you on all questions around simulation and virtual reality.