Virtual Commissioning

VEROSIM Solutions has the know-how and software tools to help you put your automated production equipment into virtual operation. Do you want to detect and correct errors in the engineering of your automation system? We support you and follow the VDI guideline VDI / VDE 3693 on virtual commissioning, which our employees have decisively helped to shape.


Use hardware-in-the-loop and connect real controllers and real fieldbus systems with a simulation model of your production plant. We offer solutions for all applications with soft real-time and cycle times down to 10 ms. Depending on the application, the controllers can be connected via TwinCAT, ACCON-AGLink or OPC. A high-end visualization allows the intuitive creation of 3D simulation models, which can also be modified during the simulation by the user with modern interaction media (3D mouse, VR controller), for example to analyze the response of the control to manual intervention.

Virtual commissioning is not trivial but with the necessary know-how almost always profitable. Just contact us!