Digital Twin

A digital twin is a digital representation of an existing or planned automated system of manufacturing technology together with the production processes running in it. A digital twin is provided as a 3D model and enables simulations and services that describe or influence the properties and the behavior of the system or of the processes.

A digital twin accompanies a system through its entire life cycle through the phases of design, construction, operation, and recycling. Many technical and business analyses and experiments can be carried out on the digital twin, so that physical prototypes are saved. In addition, the digital twin allows for observations that are completely impossible in the real system. Once the technology of the digital twin has been introduced into an enterprise, it can represent a clear competitive advantage.

CIROS Studio is used to simulate production processes in automated production engineering systems and is therefore the ideal software tool for realizing digital twins. The CIROS Studio team can look back on more than twenty years of experience in the field of automation technology and can provide convincing advice to customers from a wide variety of industries. Benefit from our know-how and discuss with us the possibilities of introducing digital twins into your enterprise. We offer you a partnership from your first ideas to final implementation.

We advise and accompany you with the introduction of the digital twin in your company – from the first idea to the complete solution. 

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